It begins with you

Major League Networker


It begins with you

Major League Networker

Connection begins with you because, at ABB, we bring the best people and technology together.

One of my first big moments at ABB was actually being invited to join the company in marketing and sales. There I was, handling a product designed for a wind tower manufacturer, part of renewable energy at a real boots-on-the-ground level. That was seven years ago, and since then I’ve worked with customers all around the country: in their offices, on the road and even at Major League Baseball stadiums, where we recently wrapped up a big launch event for the low-voltage products business. Basically, my team and I stay close to customers to understand what’s going on in the market and driving growth – and, most importantly, to serve as the voice of the customer to our R&D engineers in order to make sure that ABB innovation is customer focused.

Another part of my job involves engaging with future employees, maybe even future customers, at different recruiting events. On a recent trip to Houston, I had an opportunity to speak with some fourth-year students at my old university. I was talking to folks who were sort of a young version of me, 20-some-odd years ago. Back then, I was studying architecture and couldn’t imagine what I’d be doing today: bringing customers closer to our innovative miniature circuit breakers, to give but one example. On the other hand, low-voltage products is the division that’s responsible for the power once it goes inside a building, so to speak, say 600 volts or below – to light up a building or control equipment in a factory. So, in some ways, I’m still linked to the “built” environment and buildings. I think this perspective helps me understand even more the voice of the customer.

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My job, in essence, is to connect customers and their technical challenges to ABB products and solutions.

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Product Marketing
Memphis, USA

Product marketing for low-voltage products    

Chas joined ABB as a product manager in 2008. Following positions in Texas and Wisconsin, he is now based in Memphis, Tennessee, where he acts as Product Marketing Director, Enclosures and DIN Rail Business, in the Low-Voltage Products Division in the US. When Chas is not busy shaping the technical or strategic development of a given product, or working with international colleagues on a project expected to double the size of his business, he is likely on the road, talking enthusiastically to customers and students.